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Near France’s Famous Vineyards

Bordeaux, the main city in south west France, is the wine region of the Aquitaine area. Bordeaux wine is readily exported to countries throughout the world and there are many vineyards that help make this exportation financially rewarding for the region by producing popular tasty wines to suit all tastes. Vineyards in Bordeaux cover hundreds of thousands of acres of land. Large quantities of wine producers in this area are independent wineries.

Chateau Beychevelle is a Bordeaux winery that welcomes wine tasters from all over the world to sample its home grown produce. Visitors come and go daily, tasting and purchasing the fine product of the hard working vineyard’s laborers.

Another area in Bordeaux that wine enthusiasts should visit is the Saint-Emilion village. In Saint-Emilion village one will find a number of friendly vineyard owners who are always happy to show off their wines. The difficulty many say is choosing the vineyards to visit. With so much choice you may need several days to get a full taste of the area.

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A popular way to cover many vineyards in this region is by going on a wine tasting tour. There are usually many tours being offered and they are individually unique in their own right. Some tours will be by bus or bike via an independent tour agency and others will be provided by a specific Châteaux.

In order to consider all the available options, your concierge or local tourist information office is a good starting point to making an informed decision. When looking to visit the Bordeaux vineyards, one should consider booking a France vacation rental for a week or two in order to have enough time to leisurely visit the many wineries in the area.

France vacation rentals can be easily booked through your travel agent or by using the internet to find vacation packages that cater to France vacation rentals. Whatever vineyard an individual chooses to tour or France vacation  rental one chooses to book, that person is sure to be happy with his/her final decision regarding this wonderful touring opportunity.

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