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The Cradle Of Mankind

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Embark on a thrilling expedition of Africa's marvels with our extensive travel guide. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, awe-inspiring landscapes, and extraordinary wildlife encounters. Our guide offers valuable insights and information about the top tourist destinations, ensuring you are well-prepared for your African adventure. Witness the captivating Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls worldwide. Be astonished by its power and magnificence as it descends into the Zambezi River.

Greater Kudu Known As Africas Grey Ghost

For wildlife enthusiasts, Africa is a paradise. Experience the renowned Big Five in acclaimed national parks such as Tanzania's Serengeti or South Africa's Kruger National Park. Observe the breathtaking migration of wildebeests across the vast savannahs. Africa also showcases stunning scenery. Delve into the sand dunes of Namibia's Namib Desert, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, or the lush tropical rainforests in Uganda. Each destination promises a unique and unforgettable experience.

FrizeMedia serves as your reliable source for all things related to Africa. Our website provides comprehensive and updated information, ranging from visa requirements to local customs and traditions. Embark on an extraordinary adventure and uncover the wonders of Africa with FrizeMedia. 

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Africa covers an area of 30.4 million sq.km and that equates to about 20 percent of the total land surface of the earth and six percent of the earth surface. Africa is the second largest continent after Asia, and has approximately 980 million people. Africa accounts for about 14 percent of the world's human population. The Sahara desert, which is the worlds largest, Africa's largest lake, lake Victoria, the Kalahari desert, the river valleys of chad,the Zambezi and the Congo, together, dominate the African landscape. The river Nile which is 6,671 km in length, is the worlds longest river.

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Africa stretches from the Mediterranean in the north, all the way to the Cape of Good Hope in the south and lies between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. The African continent is divided into two by the vast Sahara desert. The northern part of Africa is populated by mostly light-skinned Berbers and Arabs. The southern part of Africa is mostly inhabited by dark-skinned peoples, Khoikoi, Bushmen and Pygmies. Africa's diversity makes it a must visit on any travelers list. From the lush Equatorial rainforest the thousands of unspoilt beaches, to the alpine tundra and the ice fields at the top of the continents highest peaks, the endless savannas and plains, Africa has it all.

Travel Algeria

Angola The Republic



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The majestic beauty of Africa's numerous regions has captivated a great many Western explorers, even ignited wars and aroused the interests of historians for centuries. Starting from the serene Mediterranean coast of North Africa to the flourishing southern tip of Cape Town, the African continent spans more than 10,000 indigenous tribes, more than 2000 languages and over 60 independent nations and territories. Africa is referred to as the cradle of human life for a good reason, it being the oldest inhabited territory in the world. Any individual who travels through Africa, will uncover the modern day dilemma of a region advancing ahead with globalization and technology. As a deduction of that, many tribes and cultures are determined to safeguard their traditional way of life. In addition to human life, Africa supports the world's most spectacular collection of rare species and biodiversity.

Burkina Faso



Cape Verde

Central African Republic


Witnessing Africa's wilderness is not only a phenomenal experience, but also a once-in-a-lifetime privilege that forthcoming generations may not have the opportunity to share. The incredibly overwhelming expanse of the African continent is best understood and traveled by region. The various regions in Africa are exclusively as diverse as the continent in its entirety, and the complexities of the nationalities and cultures will definitely leave the unsuspecting traveler bewildered. The largely Arabic culture of North Africa basks in the Mediterranean shoreline, from the magnificent pyramids in Egypt to the splendid Moorish architecture of Morocco. The adventuring kind will find the Sahara Desert to the south and brings to this region, drier and hotter summers in comparison with its Mediterranean neighbors in the north. Along the Atlantic Ocean, West Africa predominantly comprises of Africa's Savannah, recognised for their exciting wildlife safaris.

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Cote D'voire

Democratic Republic Of The Congo



Nile Cruise In the Footpath Of The Pharaohs

Equatorial Guinea

The western part is also home to Africa's greatest cultural and political diversity, mainly a consequence of the colonial period and the Slave Trade. East Africa is one of the most favorite destinations where Africa's two tallest peaks, Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, soar majestically over splendid concentrations of elephants, water buffalo and rhinoceros. Travellers to the east will also have the benefit to explore the Great Rift Valley, a geologic wonder formed by the movement of the earth's plates. The Southern part of Africa is a great mix of forests, grasslands and deserts rich with gold and diamonds. Travel in southern Africa is unique due to the high population of Europeans and Indians;consequently, a distinct culture of music, art, food and religion has emerged from the blending of great traditions. Prolific urban centers, stunning national parks and endless encounters with the history, is only the introduction of your African travels. Travel to Africa and meet the numerous faces of our global history. The consistent experience and intellectual intrigue of this multifaceted and ancient continent is a journey that will be treasured for life.

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Top 10 Attractions In Africa


The highest mountain on the African continent, ‘Kili’ measures an astounding 19,340 feet at her highest point.

The challenge to climb this majestic mountain has lured many to scale her heights, a demanding but worthwhile ascent by most accounts. Kili, which has five distinct ecological zones, is an extinct volcano.


The champagne-coloured waterways of this famous floodplain form the basis of a pristine Wetland of International Importance (RAMSAR).

With some of the most fantastic birding globally and a wild dog population, the largest inland delta in the world is often called Africa’s most beautiful destination.

The region can be explored by land, boat and air. Enjoy the spectacular diversity of flora and fauna species.

Guinea Bissau

Manda Bay Resort






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Easily the most recognizable of the 7 Wonders of the World, the Egyptian Pyramids have long held fascination for thousands of people. Recent resurgence of interest Egyptology has made trips to this alluring destination more popular than ever. The majority of visitors view the pyramids at Giza. The origins of these majestic structures continue to be a source of lively debate, while the stories of ancient curses and grave robbers delight us all.


With around 100 Bottlenose and Spinner dolphins making the sheltered waters of Ponta du Ouro their home, this region is definitely worth visiting. Dive the reefs to 40 metres in depth; they are teeming with a rainbow of marine life. Dolphin dives are a popular while in winter the haunting call of the humpback whale can be heard.







Namibia Is A True Paradise For The Adventure Traveler

Namibia Holidays


The oldest, most established reserve in Africa, the Kruger boasts an amazing variety of game and bird life throughout its numerous habitats. The fantastic opportunities to view the Big Five draw many visitors to the park, hoping to spot lion, elephant, buffalo, leopard and black rhinoceros. Game drives and guided walking trails offer great animal watching opportunities in the African bush.


A tapestry of colours, smells, sites and wonderful local characters make a visit to this bustling marketplace an unforgettable experience. Be entertained by fortune tellers, street performers and henna women. The Municipal Market sells local fresh produce. Take a ride in a Horse-drawn carriage and enjoy the spectacular sunset. More performers come out in the evening and entertain till midnight.

Enjoy the famous local orange juice or mint tea!


Republic Of The Congo


Sao Tome And Principe




The Serengeti National Park, covering 14,763 sq. km, is named ‘endless plains’ in Masai. Here are 35 species of mammals, including wildebeest, zebra, lion, cheetah, leopard, elephant and giraffe, and over 200 species of birds. The annual wildebeest migration is possibly the most spectacular natural event in Africa.

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Sierra Leone


South Africa
South Africa Vacations
South Africa Safaris
Table Mountain Cape Town




From either Zimbabwe or Zambia you can experience the world’s largest sheet of falling water. The spray can be seen up to 30 kilometers away - hence the local name ‘Mosi-oa-Tunya’ - "The smoke that thunders". Apart from the spectacular views including permanent rainbows arcing across the face of the falls, one can experience the waters along the river at closer quarters with white water rafting.

Tanzania Safari

Ras Kutani Beach Resort

10 Top Rated Tourist Destination



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The 3rd largest lake in Africa is a tropical paradise. The tranquil waters lap against shores lined with palm, mango, banana and avocado trees. Here you can kayak, while snorkeling offers access to the colourful kaleidoscope of endemic cichlids found at this UNESCO world heritage site.


This iconic landmark stands in the centre of the beautiful city of Cape Town. Climb, or experience the wonders of the revolving cable car. Either way a visit to one of the most recognizable mountains in the world is a must for your trip around the great African continent. And while you’re there, enjoy the wonders of Cape Town –beaches, winelands, Robben Island – each one a ‘Top 10’ in its own right!




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