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Cordoba Spain

Enjoy A Day Trip To This
Beautiful And Historical City

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Cordoba Spain: Like the Seville region, the province of Cordoba is landlocked, though that should not be a reason for the more adventurous traveller not to visit either for they both are fascinating.

The region of Cordoba Spain is split by the mighty Rio Guadalquivir on which lies the ancient city of Cordoba, founded by the Romans, though it flourished under the Moorish occupation and this is evident in the architecture found all over the city.

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Built on a sharp bend of the river which is crossed by the Roman bridge, the El Puente Romano, the city was once a port.

When the Moors were replaced by the Christians, the city’s beauty was left untouched and the Christian cathedral was built within the mosque, the Mezquita.

The Mezquita dates back to the 12 century and symbolises the power of the Moorish Islamic influence on this region of Andalucia.

Built in 785AD by Abd al Rahman, the mosque has been added to over the generations by both Christian and Islamic faiths as they each controlled this area.

Great Mosque Of Cordoba Mezquita - FrizeMedia

At the centre of Cordoba is the old Jewish quarter where little has changed in centuries, narrow streets and garden plazas, tapas bars and restaurants, an ideal area to explore and relax in the Spanish way.

The bull fighting museum and the cool and refreshing fountains and gardens of the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos are well worth a visit both being open from Tuesday to Sunday.

Move outside of the city into the area of Cordoba, and you'll find it quite unoccupied, most of the population live in the city itself while the remainder are spread out in this large unexploited region.

Summers here are dry and hot, so the best time of the year to visit is during the cooler spring and autumn months, where you will find villages that still hold on to their Spanish values, something that has almost all but disappeared from the Costas to the south.

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